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Perfect Spell

Join Ginger Cat, Ember Owl and Ollie Frog on their marvellous adventure in the magical world!

About Us

Outlane Games is a team of people that are passionate about creating beautiful mobile games that people all over the world would play. Founded in 2020 and backed up by expertise in other digital fields, we’ve managed to develop competitive products for game industry as well as our own game titles. Having a small but well-organised team we focus on bringing the most quality solutions to the market. We strive for quality and user experience, we build things that can be scaled to embrace the whole world.

What We Do

Casual Mobile Games

We've developed a complete solution for Match-3 (blast) games that includes an extensible and bulletproof core, full variety of mechanics, events and user collaboration (teams, chats, helps, tournaments, leaderboards), and additional internal services such as an independent Level Editor, Users Dashboard, etc. Our Match-3 game engine is a world class product based on the industry leaders which have the highest LTV, retention and user satisfaction.

Hyper-Casual Games

In order to test new ideas and mechanics quickly, we have developed a set of tools that enables us to create quality hyper-casual games. It's packed with the essential features (in-app purchases, ads, leaderboards, etc) and it takes just a few days to get a new concept published.

Custom Integrations & Solutions

We can bring our competence to your projects. Either you want to integrate some functionality in your existing game or create a new project, we can get it done quickly and efficiently.

Asset Creation and Art Direction

Our expertise in digital art lets us create beautiful interfaces that users interact with flawlessly. We focus on developing the project’s identity where every little detail aligns with the overall style and brings the feel of integrity.


We focus on developing quality games that bring the most joyful experience to the players. We're looking to partner with publishers that can bring our games to top charts of mobile app stores. Also, we’re open for other types of collaboration, drop us a line and let’s discuss.

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